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Do you want to buy a piece of Dobre?

Depending on the piece you’re interested in, it could cost you a lot

(And we’re talking Dobre back in the day; her value has gone down considerably since then)

The great champion Aurelia Dobre. This is the most clothed you’ll see her here.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the value of a human life (i.e., human being and all its parts) is currently $9.1 million.  Other agencies and organizations assign different dollar values, but I’ll go with the EPA’s, because, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, this story isn’t going to be about money.

So let’s say Aurelia Dobre in 1987-1988 was worth 9.1 million (adjusted for today’s dollars).  You’re probably wondering how anybody could be worth that much.  Well, I’m going to break it down, and you can decide if the parts in the breakdown are worth their prices or not.

Here are the parts of Dobre we’re going to assign a value to that you can consider buying.

  • Head
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Heart
  • Brain
  • Liver
  • Kidneys
  • Intestines
  • Butt
  • Breasts
  • And that other part that I won’t name, because I’m trying hard to keep this a G-rated website so as not to piss off the parents of my younger readers


Aurelia had a lovely face, lovely hair and lovely eyes.

Aurelia truly was one of the most beautiful gymnasts ever.  Her face was like a porcelain doll’s, her hair lovely dark brown, and the allure of her eyes could drive nails into your soul if you looked at them long enough.

Price for Aurelia’s head: $10.00


Dobre had strong, limber arms that powered many of her difficult gymnastics skills.  Some muscle, but mostly just tight and useful, her arms were in perfect proportion to the rest of her body.

Price for Aurelia’s arms: $5 each or both for $10.00

So far, this is a pretty economical deal for guys on a budget!


No doubt about it, Aurelia had perfect gymnast legs: powerful, solid and with very fast muscle reactions.  Plus they were nice to look at, unlike a lot of legs on American gymnasts that look like they belong to truckers or dykes.

Price for Aurelia’s legs: $5 each or both for $10.00

The price for Aurelia’s whole body is $9.1 million, and we’ve only spent $30 max so far?  I got a feeling something bad’s gonna happen pretty soon.  And I’m sure you have the same feeling.


Aurelia had a heart strong and pure enough to allow her to get into all kinds of complicated positions.

Aurelia had the heart of a champion.  It’s what drove her to train past exhaustion and give everything she had to be crowned the 1987 World Gymnastics Champion and could have put her in the running for Seoul had one of her $5 legs not gotten injured.

Price for Aurelia’s heart: $10.75

At least the price is going up.


Aurelia’s brain was obviously sharp (the curling iron incident notwithstanding), and she used her brain to pace her training and learn how to peak at the right times, just before competitions.  Just because she was somewhat quiet in front of a camera didn’t mean her brain wasn’t constantly working.

Price for Aurelia’s brain: $18.25


The liver regulates most chemical levels in the blood and excretes a product called bile, which helps to break down fats, preparing them for further digestion and absorption.  This is how Aurelia stayed so thin.  In addition, the liver does about 500 other things, so it’s an important organ.

Price for Aurelia’s liver: $20.00


The power of her kidneys was amazing!

Like everybody else, Aurelia had two kidneys.  Every day, her kidneys processed about 200 quarts of blood to sift out about two quarts of waste products and extra water.  The wastes and extra water became urine, which was excreted unless blocked by a curling iron.

Price for Aurelia’s kidneys: $12.00 each, or $24 for both


Aurelia’s intestines helped her body pull the necessary nutrition from the food she ate.  Needless to say, in order to perform at the level she did, she needed a lot of nutrition, and her perfectly functioning intestinal system gave it to her.

Price for Aurelia’s intestines: $26.50

So far, if you would have bought every part of Aurelia we’ve looked at, you would have spent a mere $129.50.  That means with only three body parts to go, we’ve still got $9,099,970.50 left to spend!  Does that seem right to you guys (and girls)?  If it doesn’t, it will in a minute.


Can’t see any of her butt here, but how hard is it to imagine?

No butts about it, Aurelia’s backside was as good as it gets.  Better, actually.  Here are a few more statistics, these about her butt and not from the Environmental Protection Agency, so don’t go writing to them and telling them Sarah said you guys are tracking Dobre’s butt statistics.

  • On October 3, 1987, more than 14 million males . . . did stuff to themselves while thinking of Aurelia’s butt.
  • The woman who fitted the Romanian team for their leotards before the 1988 Olympics spent an average of 18 minutes in a private stall with each of the girls except Aurelia, with whom she spent seven and a half hours.  Afterward the woman said:

Ea nu are absolut cel mai bun cap la cap care l-am spus. Mai bine decât cel al lui Michelangelo. Chiar mai bine decât Dagmar Kersten. Eu încerc să vă asigurați Aurelia tricou potrivi de minune, dar eu nu pot ține ochii pe fundul, asa ca ia o lungă perioadă de timp. Sfinte Sisoe!

Translated, that means: ”She has absolutely the best butt I ever saw.  Better than Michelangelo’s.  Better even than Dagmar Kersten.  I try to make sure Aurelia leotard fit right but I can’t keep eyes off butt, so it take a long time.  Holy cow!”

  • During Dobre’s 1:27 Event Finals floor routine at the 1987 World Championships, 603 women in the audience turned lez and another 47 thought seriously about it.
  • Just before the 1988 Olympics, Aurelia was walking down a Bucharest street, and a pedestrian was so intrigued by her butt that he stepped off the curb and was run over by a milk truck.  Afterward, the driver of the truck said, “Dacă eu nu sunt atât de intrigi de fund Doebre lui, mi-ar fi văzut că idtot desprinde bordură și nu l-au lovit!

Translated, that means, “If I was not so intrigue by Dobre’s butt, I would have seen that idtot come off the curb and not run him down!”

Price for Aurelia’s butt: $1,227,004.23


Aurelia’s breasts looked really nice shortly after she retired and began posing nude because nobody would give her any money.  But as a competitive gymnast, they were just so-so.  BUT, they were Aurelia’s, so the value on them was high.

This just goes to prove the well-known fact that it’s all about who the girl is.  If she is ugly and has a hateful or Christian spirit, then none of her body parts will fetch a high price.  But if she’s Aurelia Dobre, every damn piece of her gets top dollar – except all those mentioned here before her butt, but that’s only because I’m trying to make some thing funny out of this.

Price for Aurelia’s breasts: $925,661 each or $1,851,322 for both

Curling iron garage

One of my favorite pictures of her of all time, although the “part” isn’t shown.

(I’m determined to get through this story without saying vagina or cunt of any of the normal words we use when talking about this body part on Aurelia.)

This final body part of Aurelia’s could probably fetch tens of millions of dollars at an auction (especially if the auction was held in 1987 in North or South Korea or Taiwan, where child prostitution is supposedly legal).  The reason?  This is the part that matters.  This is the part that every man does everything in his power as a fetus to keep from getting out of and everything in his power as a teen/adult to get back into.

And to get into Aurelia’s just once, for many guys, is worth whatever they have to pay.  And for some girls, too, even though they can only get in with digits or tongues.  I’ll be honest, if I was 15 when Aurelia was 15 and had the opportunity for full access to this body part of hers, I would give away my Mustang without even thinking about it.  I would quit drinking coffee and beer.  I would be reformed.  I woud see the light, halleluja!  I have seen the light!  I have seen the enemy, and it is me!

Price for this part of Aurelia: $6,021,644.20.

So there you have what it’s going to cost you to buy Aurelia – in 1987-1988.  Today you could probably pick up the whole package for seventy or eight dollars.  She’s married with four boys and a dog named Champ, so regardless of what the Environmental Protection Agency says, her value has gone down.

But in her prime, there was no gymnast with a higher value.  At least that’s my opinion.  I’m sure you’ll tell me yours.


PS: Forgive the fucked-up photo formatting.  WordPress is a lost cause, but still free, so I use it.


Aurelia Dobre interview translated!

Deluxe has told me what Aurelia said in a 1987 interview

It pays to have Romanian friends!

I wasn't going to say anything about the knockers, but I stumbled upon this in a image search for a more . . . appropriate photo for this story and decided I couldn't pass it up.

There are primarily four things I love the most about Aurelia Dobre.  One is her remarkable gymnastics skill, another is her lovely voice.  We’ll leave the other two for another story – and note that this makes TWO stories in a row where I don’t talk about her knockers.

Tonight I want to talk about her lovely voice, because I (and you) can finally know what she’s saying with that voice in her 1987 interview at the Tokyo International competition.  Deluxe (screen name), who is Romanian by birth, graciously sent me a translation of Aurelia’s two replies to questions the Jap interviewer asked her.

First, here’s the interview, for about the 20th time on this site.

Aurelia’s response to the first question was:

“I’ll compete in uneven bars and balance beam [at Tokyo Internationals], because they are my favourite apparatus and I wish to satisfy the audience.”

Ha!  Dobre could satisfy the audience if she put on a tutu and ran around the arena playing “It’s a Small World After All” on the piccolo.

And to the second:

“First, I want to win with the team. Then, I’d like the All-Around, to do the best I can there . . . and in apparatus like uneven bars or balance beam.”   [Deluxe thinks she might be referring here to the 1988 Olympics, but he says it’s impossible to be sure.]

This one is probably more appropriate.

Now, I was also going to paste in what she actually said in Romanian, which Deluxe included in his message, but somehow I have LOST the whole fucking comment!  It’s not in active comments or in trash or in spam or anywhere.  Thank God I copied at least Aurelia’s words in English.  Fucking WordPress.

But I guess it doesn’t matter, because not that many Romanian-language speakers read this site, because they already know everything I say.  I think Deluxe just has a thing for Lili Arboreen.  Ha ha.

Anyway, Aurelia’s voice.  In the above interview, she was 14 or 15 and dressed like a queen, or at least a princess.  What has always attracted me to her (aside from the gymnastics skills and those other two things) was her beautiful, sweet, gentle voice.  She’s in top form with that in this interview.

Not all gymnasts are created equal

Quite a contrast from the brash, conceited, forceful tones that come out of the mouths of most American gymnasts.  For example, Sacramone.


The first thing you notice here, aside from how unbearably ugly she is, is the fact that she obviously forgot to do anything with her hair before going in front of the camera.  Aurelia’s hair in her interview was absolutely flawless, which is the only way her coaches would allow her to talk on camera to a bunch of Japs who had no idea what the hell she was talking about.

Valley Girl

At least here she looks female.

The next thing you notice in Alicia’s interview, aside from how unbearably ugly she is (because you notice that for the entire one minute and thirty-eight grueling seconds of it), is that she almost sounds like a Valley Girl., which she’s not, because she’s from Massachusetts, and nobody from Massachusetts can be a Valley Girl, regardless of what Wikipedia says.

For those of you who are very young and think Nasty and dimwit Shawn invented gymnastics, the Valley Girl concept was a popular U.S. trend in the 1980s, around the time of Mary Lou, which was another popular trend that dwindled away as soon as people realized they GAVE her the gold medal that rightfully belonged to Szabo.

The “Valley” referred to is the San Fernando Valley in California, not far from my house in Malibu and just north of L.A. proper.  The San Fernando Valley is made up of a number of “cities,” although they are all technically part of Los Angeles, including Encino, North Hollywood, Studio City (where Dakota Fanning spent some of her flippant childhood) and Sherman Oaks (where Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen spent all of theirs).

The Valley Girl hysteria began after musician Frank Zappa released a song by that title on a 1982 album.  His 14-year-old daughter, Moon Unit – yes, that’s a stupid name, but not as stupid as A-Suk – supplied much of that song’s content.  And she sang the song on the record and made a video of it.  You can read more about Moon here.

It’s at times like these that I stop and think, What the fuck am I doing?  I was talking about Aurelia’s lovely voice, and now I’m in the Valley talking about Moon Unit and A-Suk Unit.

So I’ll wrap it up by saying, again, thanks, Deluxe for translating Aurelia’s words for me so I could share it with everybody.  And thanks, Moon, for creating the Valley Girl concept, so we’d have some way to explain the hideous-sounding voice of A-Suk Unit (which I might start calling her from now on).



What did you learn from this insightful story?  If you paid attention, you learned

1. Alicia Sacramone is so ugly, she could make mayonnaise rot in the jar.

2. Aurelia Dobre has a voice that could make soldiers in a deadly battle find a reason to survive and return home with both testicles intact.

3. Japanese people have no idea what Romanians are talking about.

4. Deluxe might never eat mayonnaise again!

5. Aurelia’s most important goal was always to win a Team gold medal.  AA was always secondary.

6. Sacramone probably owns a hair brush, but it may be reserved for more important things than brushing her hair.

7. Neither me nor Aimee talk like a Valley Girl or look like one.

8. People from Massachusetts can’t be Valley Girls.

9. Dakota Fanning and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen all had flippant childhoods in the Valley.

10. A-Suk is a much stupider name than Moon Unit.

11. But A-Suk Unit might actually catch on, if I use it often enough.


A story about Dobre that doesn’t involve sex or nudity

A clean story about Aurelia has been my goal for a long time

Think I can pull it off?

Normally I try to avoid using photos with watermarks, but I couldn't pass this rare one up.

One of the things I hate to see is a sexy girl who will someday have beautiful knockers pretty girl with lovely eyes crying.  I know this, because I have cried soooooooooo many times, and I end looking in the mirror and I look horrible.

So naturally, when I saw a video of soon-to-be sexual slayer Aurelia Dobre crying at the 1985 Junior Cup, it broke my heart.  She was 12 or 13 at that competition, and while she had yet to grow her famous breasts be recognized on the world’s gymnastics stage, she was brutally serious about her sport.

I’ve written a lot about Aurelia’s experience getting Daniela Silivas’ curling iron stuck in her vagina talent, and all of you who know anything about gymnastics have to agree that she was one of the most talented, charismatic players in the game.

At the 1985 Junior Cup, on floor, poor Aurelia under-rotated a back tumble and fell flat on her face.  But like any Romanian, she bravely continued her routine.  When it was over, she walked to the sideline, little butt wagging little lips (on her face, I mean) trembling, knowing she had let down her country, her coaches, her teammates and herself, in that order.

Let’s see . . .

My take on Aurelia from the first time I saw her perform was, if I was a lez, I would absolutely swallow her gymnast, she would be one of my key role models.

Moving along, at the same competition, Aurelia performed a beautiful beam routine.


Look at Boginskaya in the aqua leo, watching, thinking, “I’ll never be able to do that in a hundred years, which is about how long I’ll probably end up competing.”

In the next video, from 1988, Aurelia performs an exhibition dance with her teammate, the great Daniela Silivas.  Notice how Aurelia’s breasts are just beginning to form, probably causing every boy in the audience (and a lot of the men!) to run for the napkins! talent is really beginning to show.  It’s a silly spectacle, but when performed by a girl like Aurelia, it’s sexy, hot, lust-worthy and titilating really cool.


One of the nicest photos I've ever seen of her.

Aurelia isn’t my favorite gymnast of all time – that spot still belongs to Gina Gogean – but she is the one who got me to start seriously thinking about turning lez getting in better shape and taking better care of myself.

Today, the last I heard, Aurelia is married to a man named Boz Mofid – who interestingly had been previously married to Oksana Omelianchik, another little hottie who could probably suck the paint off a fire plug awesome gymnast who could turn heads and delight audiences everywhere she went.

So thank you, Aurelia, for turning me on to gymnastics (ha-ha – got that one in!) and giving me something to think about when Aimee’s not here and I’m tired of my own hands I have to wade through all the crap American gymnasts of the present day.


PS: I hadn’t even know that WordPress had a strikethrough button in its editing tool until I saw GymTruthTeller use it with funny results.  Thanks, GTT.



More Aurelia

Here are the new naked pictures I promised you

Plus: Bonus shots of Milo and Olga Korbut!

We'll start with an absolutely lovely shot of Aurelia clothed on a beam.

The motel room where me and Aimee are staying looks like the guys from Motley Crue spent a weekend here back in 1983.  (Minus the needles and used condoms.)  I’m not particularly proud of this fact, but I guess I should describe it so you mothers out there can answer the important question: “Is this the type of gymnastics website I want my daughter reading?”

A glance around this place turns up: overflowing trash bags of beer cans, wrappers and packaging from the food we’ve bought, Aimee’s bicycle, Aimee’s bathing suit, three suitcases, clothes on hangers hung from wall lights and the bathroom door, and a little refrigerator with half of a turkey sandwich and two 12-packs of Busch beer, minus two beers.

This is why my parents prefer me to stay with them, especially when we’re in Oceanside.

But I wanted to have a motel adventure with Aimee, so that’s what I’m having.  It sounds more degenerated than it is, because we do know how to take care of ourselves, and normally we live like anything but slobs.

And since we’re living like degenerate slobs this weekend, I’m going to post some new photos I ran across of Aurelia Dobre naked in the Netherlands edition of Playboy magazine.  (This is about as close as I can get to high-level gymnastics journalism at the moment, but at least I picked a quality naked gymnast.)


The first photo above is a collage somebody made of beautiful Aurelia.  There are a total of six breasts, four Aurelias and all kinds of colored balloons.  Aurelia was just 18 when she did this photo shoot.  I wish I looked that good when I was 18, which I stopped being in June.


Here we have Aurelia in a pose similar to her pose in a photo I’ve used elsewhere here, but this time she’s got her back leg raised, and balloons are covering everything that matters.  I’m not crazy about the way her hair looks here.  Looks like she took a curling iron to it.


This photo is another collage, incorporating a total of five photos, two of which I’ve used on other places on this site.  Do you know which are the three photos never seen here before?  I really like her hair in the bottom-right photo.


Here’s a single photo that was used in the first collage above.  Aurelia looks about as perfect as can be here, which is the way she’s always looked any time I’ve seen her, except when she got older and married Oksana Omelianchik’s ex-husband and had four kids and a dog.  Can you imagine if this was Sacramone instead of Aurelia?  Can you imagine if Alicia had four kids and a dog?  It would certainly cheapen the beautiful artistry of the human body, that’s for damn sure.


I’ve run out of naked Aurelia pictures, but I haven’t run out of steam, so here’s a shot I’ve never seen of Milo naked.  I’m not thrilled with the weird color of the bath water, but other than that everything looks okay.  Anybody have a guess what all that shit is floating around in the water?


Okay, that’s all the new photos I have of nude Romanians, so let’s move on to nude Russians.  Above is a nice collage of poor Olga Korbut.  Who the hell knows what she was thinking when these were taken – or if she was thinking – but I do hope she got some decent money out of it, because the photos aren’t exactly what you’d call flattering.


FINALLY, here is a two-photo Olga collage, one photo of which was in the collage above.  The other, smaller photo, shows Olga on bars, surely doing something fairly normal, but the way it’s cropped and the position the camera caught her in gives you all kinds of ideas about what else she might be doing.  Coach Knysh could probably give you specifics.

While I’m doing my best to keep this thing from turning into a porn site and causing mothers like the one I mentioned above to forbid their gymnast daughters to come here and learn something, I am interested in other gymnasts who have posed nude for money.

As far as I know, it’s only Milo, Corina Ungureanu, Claudia Presecan, Aurelia and Olga.  If you have photos of others, send them and I’ll find something to do with them here.  Tastefully, hopefully.

UPDATE A FEW HOURS LATER: Deluxe (screen name) wrote and reminded me that Svetlana Khorkina posed nude.  I knew that, but my brain is so screwed up, I spaced it.  Here’s a link to a few of the photos.

Khorkina nude

Deluxe also sent a link to some nudes of Vanda Hadarean.  Here it is.

Vanda nude


(Oceanside is not good for my morals, and I totally don’t understand why!)

Daniela’s curling iron and Aurelia Dobre

Me and Aimee discover it’s not all that far-fetched

But I’m still stumped on how Aurelia might have got it stuck

Normally, Aurelia had more important things to worry about than curling irons.

Whether or not this makes any sense, this is how it went.  I got to thinking about the rumor I started about Aurelia Dobre getting Daniela Silivas’ curling stuck in her vagina.  Aimee is over here tonight, so we talked about the concept.

And Aimee said something like, “That’s fucking stupid.  Who would do that?”  And I said, “Aurelia.”  She goes, “Aurelia’s that one you have the hots for, right?” And I go, “I just think she’s beautiful.”  And Aimee goes, “But is she a fucking retard?”

That made me wonder – was Aurelia retarded?  Impossible, because she was too beautiful, plus she had the loveliest voice in the history of the world.  So did I err in making up the curling-iron-stuck-in-the-vagina rumor?

Aimee said, “As fucking ridiculous as it is, I bet there are women who do it.”  So we went on a search.  Picture it: a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old, drunker than fuck, sitting here in Malibu doing a Google search to find out if any woman is stupid enough to put a curling iron in her damn vagina.

I had a feeling we were going to find some verification of the “putting-in,” but I wasn’t holding my breath to find a story about a woman who got the fucking thing stuck inside her.


It's not hard to imagine the type of photos that come up when you search for "curling iron masturbation." This is the least indecent one I could find.

So we searched, and right away we found a link to a website called  Aimee said she had read it before, but then Aimee says all kinds of things.  (She’s sitting here watching me type, and she goes, “Yeah, I say all kinds of things.  Do you know that if you shove a beer bottle up you, it can get stuck because of suction?”)

Hopefully I’ll never verify that one.  We have sunk so low!!!

Anyway, the MyMasturbation site is full of all kinds of people (male and female) writing in about their masturbation experiences.  Here’s the link . . .

Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!

I can see some little 8-year-old gymnast finding my website and running to her mother: “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy – I found a gymnastics website that talks about shoving a curling iron up your vagina!”

I think it was The Couch Gymnast who called my site “profane,” and basically he’s right.  And the drunker I get, the more profane I get.  Fortunately, I can only drink so much. has responses like this one regarding curling irons:

“When I get really horny, I take an old curling iron and slowly rub it against my pussy and clit. This gets me wet enough so that I can insert it. Pushing it in and out like a cock feels great. I even push open the handle while it’s inside me to make me feel fuller. It is the best orgasm ever.”

Do you know how wide the handles on most curling irons open up?  Jesus Christ.  That might be a challenge even for someone like Moceanu.


“if you really want to get off in a good way, do what I have been doing for 5 years now. I get a vibrator for putting directly on my clit. Then I take an old curling iron and use it as a dildo. It makes me feel warm and I bang myself like real sex. The handle makes it easier to go in and out of my pussy. It feels so good. When you are ready to cum, bang the curling iron hard into your pussy like never before and keep the vibrator on your clit for a good minute. That’s the best way I cum.” 

All that “banging” is probably what could get one of those fuckers stuck inside you.  Maybe that’s what Aurelia was doing.  Or maybe she cranked open the handle and it somehow lodged in her G-spot (assuming Romanians are allowed to have G-spots).

It's hard to believe it may have happened, but these two were pretty weird, anyway, so it's possible.

I’ve talked about Daniela’s curling iron in a lot of places here, but probably the most descriptive and informative is in a Raluca and Constantin story called “Raluca In Love.  You can read it here if you want to.

Either way, now that I have confirmed that some women are stupid enough to shove a goddamn curling iron inside themselves, I don’t feel so bad in implying that Aurelia Dobre did it.

This, of course, doesn’t explain why Silivas ever did that shit to her hair in the first place, but at least I don’t feel that I was so off-base with the stuff about Aurelia.

Time to go get my guitar and play with Aimee.  Can you imagine somebody using a guitar head like those dummies on use curling irons?  I strongly suggest you don’t try it.  But if you do, write to me and I’ll make a really big deal out of it.


Who is the most beautiful gymnast of all?

Aurelia Dobre! Who else?

I so hope you weren’t expecting figure-skating celebrity Nastia Liukin or somebody like that!

A few days ago, I figured out that the cutest gymnast ever was Roza Galieva.  Now I figured out the most beautiful was Aurelia Dobre.  It wasn’t really hard to figure, because all you have to do is look at her and you’ll see something a lot deeper than typical surface good looks.

Aurelia in photos

I also wanted to do this piece because, in addition to figuring out cute and beautiful gymnasts, I’m also trying to figure out how to arrange groups of photos in WordPress, and this gave me a little practice.  Below are some photos of Aurelia, all of which prove why she’s the most beautiful.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In two of the photos, Aurelia has very few clothes on, so if you’re under 18 make sure you look at those first.

If you click the photos, you’ll get them full-size.

Aurelia in action

And here are some links to videos that are either interviews or something else where you can get a good look at Aurelia.  And you can hear her voice, which is possibly the most beautiful voice ever created on earth in the history of civilization as we know it.

What she needs to do to earn more money is become one of those people who read books on tape.  It would be so cool to listen her voice for hours at a time, even if she’s no better at English than Moceanu.  For example:

: So, how do you like that book-on-tape you’re listening to?  I hear you’re already on chapter five.

ME: (Dreamy.)  What book?

MY MOM: The one you’re listening to.  Is that Dominique Moceanu reading it – the girl who got her head slammed into a telephone?

ME: (Dreamy.) What telephone?

This video here is from January 1991, on a German television show.  Aurelia is so beautiful here, it almost makes me want to turn lez like Podkopayeva and Piskun. Aurelia had just turned 18, assuming her “official birthday” is correct.

Here’s Aurelia being interviewed by ace TV color commentator Kathy Johnson, right after she (Aurelia – NOT Kathy) won the All-Around gold medal at the 1987 World Championships.

The Japanese interviewed her during the 1988 Tokyo Cup.

This is Aurelia being announced on the podium as the 1987 world champion.

Sitting with Ecaterina Szabo after winning her big gold medal.

Aurelia at around 15  is all dressed up for an interview during the 1987 Tokyo International, and you want to talk about a hormone-melter!  I better keep the number of the Law Offices of Podkopayeva & Piskun handy, just in case!  One thing you can say about Romanian gymnasts is you can take them just about anywhere and they always behave and don’t do anything to embarrass their country.  (Except for when they pose for nude photos.)

Finally, here’s Aurelia at probably 12 on floor at the 1985 (Romania?) Junior Cup.  She falls and goes to her seat and cries as teammate Diana Bostan comforts her.  Another thing you can say about Romanian gymnasts is they are sisters, not a bunch of self-absorbed celebrities.

Truthfully, there aren’t that many really beautiful gymnasts.  Unless you’re an American, you don’t get into the sport because you want to look cute and be a dancer-with-the-stars or a tv-commercial-maker or a goddamn fashion icon.

Lots of gymnasts (including some Americans) are decent-looking, however, and a fair number could even be called interesting-looking.  But Aurelia was just breathtaking – NOT because she was cosmetically and aesthetically perfect, but because there was just enough of a flaw – somewhere – I think in her mouth area to bring out everything most of us girls wish we had.  Whatever it is.  I sure as hell don’t know what it is.

In fact, the ONLY thing NOT beautiful about Aurelia is her current website.  And I’m trying to hatch a plan to get that fixed.  I’ll keep you posted.


Aurelia Dobre's not-so-secret admirer

Stalking Aurelia

“Very often the sex will suffer when you have a layoff”

Aurelia Dobre on the balance beam.

Remember a while back we talked about is it right to lust after underage gymnasts?  Well, we’re going to revisit that topic, only with a twist.

As every male who watched gymnastics in the mid-1980s through about 1991 knows, you would have to search far and wide to find a gymnast more lovely and magnetic than Aurelia Dobre.  If you doubt me, look at this.  And if you think, Oh, she was little then, so of course she was cute, here’s a later interview. Aurelia has always had the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard in my life! And she’s got a smile that could knock a punk off a skateboard.

Guys who were gymnastics fans knew Aurelia was a destroyer of hormones, and it seems one guy who did television commentary during Aurelia’s competitions knew it, too.  Or “man,” might be a better word than “guy.”  More descriptive, anyway.

Dear John . . .

Say hello to John Taylor.  I couldn’t find much about him online – I searched for “gymnastics commentators,” and I made a review of several registered sex offender listings.  Nothing.  Wikipedia had the following:

  • John Taylor (classical scholar), English classical scholar
  • John Taylor (English publisher), British publisher and Egypt scholar
  • John Taylor (Oxford), Vice-Chancellor of Oxford University, 1486–1487
  • John B. Taylor (born 1946), American economist- known as the creator of the ‘Taylor Rule’
  • John Edward Taylor (fl. 1847), English translator of Italian works
  • John Taylor (Pitt Principal), President of University of Pittsburgh
  • John G. Taylor, British physicist, neural-network researcher and author
  • John Robert Taylor, American physics professor, author of An Introduction to Error Analysis
  • John Taylor (UK e-Science architect), architect of the UK e-Science programme

But as you can see, no listings for:

  • John Taylor (gymnastics commentator), sexually obsessed with 15-year-old Aurelia Dobre.

As far as I can tell, John is/was British, and there’s no reason to believe he ever went any further than saying extremely . . . sweet things about Aurelia.  If you want to hear what he has to say about her, watch the 1987 World Championships, where Aurelia won the All-Around gold medal.  The link here is to part 1 of 6.

On videos of this competition, and to a lesser extent on 1988 Olympics videos, John catches quite a bit of flack on the comment boards.  I thought you might like to see what a few people had to say.  The first time I watched the 1987 World Championships, I was saying to myself, What the fuck?  Does this guy even know his microphone’s on?

I’ve added my comments, where necessary.

The usual feedback from the peanut gallery . . .

You can’t fault somebody for falling in love with Aurelia Dobre, but commentators should try to keep that obsession from taking over their commentary.

I thought Taylors Dobre obsession was creepy. Someone needs a psychologist

Taylors love for Dobre sickens me as I’ve already stated.  Yuck.

Assuming this announcer is John Taylor, he would have mid[s]-identified the Loch Ness Monster next to Aurelia, because he was totally infatuated with Aurelia and I think more than a little attracted to her.

(I hope this isn’t a veiled crack about Elise Ray!)

Did he say, “Very often the sex will suffer when you have a layoff” re: Aurelia? This is John Taylor, right?

(It’s true – I’ve had a layoff for 18 years!  I’m still waiting for a layon.)

It came down to the fact that the commentator had a thing for Aurelia.

I absolutely loathe how this commentator keeps verbalizing his love for Dobre.

And he keeps verbalizing his love for Dobre to a nauseating extent.

This commentator is so odd. He doesn’t seem to be at all excited by Oksana doing a triple twist punch front when, if i’m correct, that is the first time that had EVER been done. He was so wrapped up in Dobre he couldn’t see how amazing a lot of the other gymnasts were.

(I bet he would have noticed if the Loch Ness monster had been in the competition . . .)

yea, he was doing a bit too much w Dobre

Aurelia Dobre in Playboy magazine. (Sorry, guys, I couldn't block out the breasts.)

Yes and John Taylor’s commentry is sickening, going on about Dobre’s smile, sparkle and grace, she was 15, he is a misogynist.

I don’t see how him commenting on Dobre’s grace, smile and sparkle is misogynistic? The very word means that he hates women – how do such comments imply that? He is admiring the qualities that made her a great performer. He isnt very PC with his comments about weight but people tend to get far more offended now days about such things.

So what’s the point to all this?  Hell, I don’t really know, other than to make a big deal out of Aurelia, who at 19 posed nude for the September 1991 issue of Playboy Netherlands.  I wonder what John Taylor thought of that!

I’m not a lesbian, and that shot from Playboy doesn’t really turn me on, but I can listen to Aurelia’s lovely voice all day long, even if I don’t understand a word she’s saying.