Funny Photos

Have a laugh, what the hell.

MARIANA: Don’t really know how to explain it simpler.  You go in bathroom, throw up, flush toilet, come back out and resume training regime.  Is not rocket science, Amelia.

SHAWN: There is no way in fuck I’m gonna be able to fit through that door.

Romanian gymnastics team.

DANIELA: This woman feeling me remind me of when I go to medic, and he find lump in my breast.  Then later, he find out it is my breast.

SIMONA: That’s not judge committee chairwoman – it’s Silivas mother.

ANDREEA: Better practice for when I win gold medal at Sydney, unless I do something stupid to screw it up.

ELENA: All I know is somebody about to get her ass kick.

HENRIETTA: Dear Betty Okino.  Please wipe off before you get on beam so I don’t slip.  Love, Henrietta.

SIMONA: So what if he said you look like a kangaroo.
MARIA: I know.  There was no lights on, so it’s not like he could see anything.

STELIANA: I don’t do it with my left hand – that’s how, Sandra!  Stupid.

BOYFRIEND: Dear Tatiana, I sorry about the baby.  Here is some money.  Hope it help you.

NATALIA: But if you don’t sign up, you can’t win the washing machine!

VIKTORIA: Coach Ostapenko say, “Ho, ho ho!” but is stupid cause he got two big black eyebrow.  Look like a leap frog!

COACH: Look, I’m not gonna get mad.  I just need to know which one of you swallow the insulin.

GINA: Help – the clouds of immortal doom oppress me!

SABINA: Everybody else have to do podium training.  I get to go to store and buy one bread and twelve potato.  And one box tampons, whatever that is.

AMANDA: Okay – aside from that, what does Shannon have that I don’t have.

DANIELA: Is coaches looking?
CRISTINA: No, they all busy.
DANIELA: Okay, I’ll go first.
CRISTINA: Just aim good, cause last time you get it all over the table.

DANIELA: I can’t put them down – they’re stuck in my hair!

ALICIA: What you gonna do, brother, when Hulkamania runs wild on you!
NASTIA: Alicia, shut the hell up.  You’re such an idiot!

VIKTORIA: You write “186,” not “Kick Me” like last time!

FORMINTE: No, I think you just got one of them butts that can’t keep nothing out of it.  So to speaking.  You probably grow into it someday.

MIRELA: They got a candy machine down that hall over there. GINA: I know.  You bring the hammer?

OANA: Sure hope they don’t go back to hotel without me.

LILIA: (Whispering.) Have coach drive you over later.  Me and Elena, we swipe bottle of wine from liquor store and rent lez movie from video store.
SHANNON: (Whispering back.) I can’t drink alcohol.  I’m still on MAO inhibitors. What’s the movie about?

DINA: Oksana, shut up!  They gonna feed us as soon as we go back home.

DANIELA: Right, like Nastia gonna come here in limo when all we get is a smelly taxi.

OLGA: So you say I don’t get pregnant from coach sperm?  What about diarrhea from too much peaches?

I REMOVED THE PHOTO OF LITTLE KIM GWANG SUK because I got a note from the person who took the photo that said please remove it.  So I did, because I’m a nice girl.  But the caption is so funny, so I’ll just tell you the photo was of Kim when she was very young with a man who I assumed to be her coach.  Here’s the caption:

COACH: Now that Kim is nine – I mean seventeen, we expcting great things from her!

ELFI: Why do you always show up for these things dressed like a man?

BELA: Jugs, you know . . . jugs!  Va-voom! Kimbo, pay attention – I try to teaching you something here!

FORMINTE: The bad news is, I think I might have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

NADIA: This prick’s getting on my last nerve.

AURELIA to DANIELA: I don’t think you look nothing like Mukhina.  She don’t use her arms, so she can’t even crawl.  Plus she got normal hair.

KERRI: “You got an ant bite on it.  I broke my whole damn ankle, so don’t fucking start.”

SHANNON: And please don’t let my mom find out I discovered yet another hole in my body, which makes seven, if you count both nostrils.  Amen.

NADIA: “No, she not the prettiest doll in whole wide world, but she better than getting hit in the head with trash can lids.”

MORGAN: All I wanted for Christmas was my two front teeth, but things kind of got out of hand.  This morning I fell at home and took a chunk out of the computer desk.

MILO: That’s nothing – you shoulda saw it after they get it unstuck out of Aurelia!

STELIANA: Hang on – somebody calling to tell me about another wedgie shoot on my butt that Sarah write a story about.

BELU: So now I suppose you want me to tell FIG to take artistic elements off the beam till you get comfortable with them.

GINA: And this one here is from when they X-ray my brain.  Look like some chalk dust get transplanted through skull.

DANIELA: Um . . . it’s not chicken, and I’m pretty sure it’s not any kind of vegetable . . .  Okay, I give up.  What is it?

AMY: Guess I should have waited till after to show him my lingerie.

ANDREEA: I got gold medal, and my cold just about gone.  Thank God all my troubles over!

EKATERINA: Is not lice!  Ouch!  Is from when Yelena and Sveta spill wheat germ on it.

NATALIA: No way!  With my luck, they try to deport me.

BELU: Okay, you go deal with Oana, I go find somebody ass to kick, starting with Catalina. Should have taken up mechanical drawing like Papa told me.

NASTIA: If you don’t find my phone, I won’t be able to see if I got any new friends on Twitter.  If I don’t know if I got any new friends, I won’t be able to focus.  If I can’t focus, I can’t do beam.  If I can’t do beam, I can’t win the gold medal.  If I don’t win gold, I’m going to make your life a living fucking nightmare.  So do you see why it’s important that you find my phone?

KID: Is it hard to get on the Olympic volleyball team?

NADIA: Hey, Mohini – great job!  I hope I can do that good when I’m your age!

NASTIA: Bitch! SHAWN: Nastia!

ELISE: (Thinking.) God, it’s a miracle I made this team. KRISTEN: (Thinking.) Who’s that girl on the floor?  She’s got on a leo just like ours. AMY: (Thinking.) Medications used to shrink fibroids are usually given IM in a large muscle.  Medications used to shrink fibroids are usually given IM in a large muscle.  Medications used to . . . TASHA: (Thinking.) It’s a miracle Elise made this team. DOMINIQUE: (Thinking.) It’s a miracle I don’t go over there and pop Elise in the jaw.

SVETLANA: Yeah, but this one is REAL silver.  Yours is gold-plated and gonna tarnish, probably before you find some guy drunk enough to fuck you.

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  1. For some reason I love the Romanian tracksuits, especially the ones of the 80’s.

    • I never heard them called tracksuits, but now that you say it, that’s exactly what they looked like. I remember Silivas, Dobre and the others wearing them. I love all the Romanian leos and warmups.


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