You can learn a lot from basketball. Especially when there’s some Magic in it.

GTT won’t like this cause she’s a Bird fan

I like it a lot cause Magic kicked Bird’s ass

The Magic man.

The Magic man.

In gymnastics, there’s always talk about dominators – girls who rose to the occasion and became unstoppable.  Shushunova comes to mind.  In Seoul, nothing could beat her, even though Silivas was overall the better gymnast.  Lilia in ’96, holding off three awesome musketeers – but Lilia dominated that night.

Then you have Magic Johnson, arguably the second-best basketball player who ever lived.  I am not into basketball, but I am into greatness, and I stumbled upon a video that reveals 15:22 of pure greatness and shows why the 1980s L.A. Lakers were better than the 1980s Boston Celtics.  (I know, most of you are saying, What the fuck?)

The point here is to show you how an athlete could put his pants on one leg at a time like everybody else, but somehow soar above the rest because of his belief in himself and his unwavering commitment to being the absolute best in the world. 
That was Earvin “Magic” Johnson, who played for the Lakers from 1979 to 1991 and then again in 1996.  He was and still is loved in Los Angeles.

The Celtics' Larry Bird and Magic.  One of sports' greatest rivalries.

The Celtics’ Larry Bird and Magic. One of sports’ greatest rivalries.

The big thing about Magic wasn’t his scoring but his assists.  An assist in basketball is when you give the ball up to a teammate who scores a basket.  Magic was unselfish, and built a career on assists.  His passing was mind-blowing.  He had an uncanny way of spotting an open man and getting the ball to him.

During his career, Magic won the assists title four times and ended up with 10,141 total assists.  That means, thanks to Magic, the Lakers scored 20,282 points.  And that’s why they beat the hell out of the Celtics and everybody else.

In 1991, Magic was diagnosed HIV positive.  Twenty-two years later, he is still with us.  Like Moceanu, Magic has a champion’s heart, and while Michael Jordan will go down in history as the best ever and Moceanu will just go . . . down, and east-coasters will forever argue that Larry Bird was better than Magic, we west-coasters know the truth: Magic was the greatest player and the most valuable of them all, pre-Jordan, period.

A joke I wrote:

A cop pulls Magic over for speeding.

COP: Magic, I tracked your car doing sixty in a thirty-five zone.

MAGIC: Oh, no, officer, I wasn’t speeding.  I was watching my speedometer all the time.

COP: Are you positive?

MAGIC: Yeah, but what does that have to do with it?

GTT will argue.  But then she would argue for Bill Buckner’s vindication, which is silly, because at one of the Wrestlemania shows in Boston, Pete Rose left tickets for Bill, but Bill was unable to bend over and pick them up.

Watch Pete Rose piss off Boston talking about Buckner.

Here’s greatness in action.  And the majority of the calls were by Lakers long-time announcer Chick Hearn, considered the greatest basketball play-by-play man the sport has ever seen.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you like basketball.  Watch it to see something that happens once in a lifetime.  Magic.  (And he’s as black as coal, so don’t anybody start fucking with me over my being a so-called racist.  Comparing Gabby Douglas to Magic Johnson is like comparing a popcorn machine to a pissed-off volcano.)

And as you’ll see in the video as the intensity builds, Magic could also shoot.



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  1. Good news Sarah! Our little princesses Asiana Peng, Madalina Blendea and Andreea Iridon have made the junior team let’s hope to see them soon and healthy. this is Andreea Iridon

    • Andreea is looking pretty damn good on bars. Wow! So glad to hear about Asiana, Madalina and Andreea making it to the junior team. Now if the coaches will just teach them excellent bars skills, they might kick ass when they get to the Olympics. Because bars has been the down fall of Romania.

      Deluxe sent the scores of Catalina, Khorkina and Karen Carpenter Patterson from the AA in Athens. It was the scores of all four events. It showed that if Catalina had scored as little as a 9.5 on bars, she would have been the champion.

      If Romania gets some good bars workers, they’ll be a major player again.

      I hope you’re having fun in the winter. I bet it’s cold in Bucharesti. Here (Oceanside) it’s been very warm, like mid 70s for the high. I sweat when riding my bike.


  2. The best team the world has seen, the USA ‘Dream Team’ in Barcelona’92

    Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Scottie Pippen, Patrick Ewing, David Robinson, Clyde Drexler, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Chris Mullin and Christian Laettner.

    They won all the games in Barcelona by more than 30 points.

    • It was a fucking disgrace because here we send a team with the absolute best players on earth to compete against nations with far less-skilled players. Typical of America. I was born that year, so I didn’t see the reaction, but I’m sure we were all raising our fists and cheering because our team won. Big deal. The Dream Team vs. everybody else was like King Kong vs. a kindergartener.


      • hahaha come on…that was a gift for all the basket fans, and not only for them. It was something unique. Unrepeatable. A joy to watch all those monsters playing in the same team and in the Olympic Games. Even Gina Gogean could not be impassive to that spectacle :)

      • Maybe you know the answer to this, but I don’t: when did the Olympics change from including only amateur athletes to allowing the world’s top-level professionals? I thought it was always amateurs. I remember reading something about how if a gymnast in years past took money to perform, she couldn’t be in the Olympics. I might have that wrong, I can’t remember. Maybe it was if she took money, she couldn’t be on a college team.

        Either way, I thought the Olympics were supposed to be for amateurs, not the likes of Michael Jordan and Magic and others who get paid millions and whose programs spend tens of millions to provide the best training environment in the universe.

        I’m just saying those games the Dream Team played in were horribly unfair.


      • I met Magic back in 1993 at a clippers game, he was cool shaking everyones hand and signing a few autographs. Basketball is my first love of all sports.

        The rules changed for amateurs some time in the 80’s. I dont know if it was 84 or 88 that the first pros were allowed to compete, I think in track and field. The federations for each sport decided if it was ok. The problem was communist countries were funding all thier athletes, so in essense they were pros. America was still sending college players to the games against pros. 17 and 18 year old college players who had only been together for a few months were playing against men who did nothing but play and practice for years.

        As hard is it is to believe American athletes were at a disadvantage for many years do to the amateur rule. Having to work full-time jobs and train to compete for thier country, while communist athletes who were our main rivals did nothing but train. I think the only sport that still has the amateur rule is boxing.

      • You and Deluxe made similar points. I hadn’t thought about this angle, so I guess our Dream Team was no different that many Communist teams through the years.


  3. Celtics vs Lakers is a great rivalry in the history of humanity. Similar to Pepsi vs Coca Cola :)

    In Romania there is Dinamo vs Steaua in several sports, especially in soccer. But in rugby their rivalry is funnier, as you can see…

    • Damn, that’s funny. Romanians have bad tempers! Does this stuff happen a lot in Romanian sports? I wonder if two opposing gymnasts ever started beating the hell out of each other. I would have loved to have seen that in Athens with Khorkina and Karen Carpenter Patterson.

      I’m going to guess at pronouncing the team names:




      • In sports where there is physical contact with the opponent, this happens sometimes. But I wouldn’t say it’s more usual in Romania than in other places. There are worse countries from that point of view for sure. In soccer, violence is more usual in fans than in players. The agressive behaviour of the so called ‘ultras’ fanatics is not only physical, but verbal. Here you have a little example of Steaua fans with a racist chant in a game against Rapid (considered the ‘team of the gypsies’ by their rivals):

        The chant goes by:
        “We’ve had and we’ll always have
        allergy to gypsies!
        We piss on them incessantly
        fuck off Rapid!”

        Steaua has been fined a lot of times because of chants like this from their supporters. Dinamo fans are less, but more violent even. But the violence is usually against opponent radicals and rarely against ‘normal’ or random people.

        You got the pronunciation of Dinamo very well. Steaua (translated ‘the Star’) is more difficult with so many vowels. In the same video they shout ‘Steaua, Steaua…’ from the second 20 until the end.

  4. I don’t know when things changed exactly in the Olympics but here you have an article about it

    When professionals were not allowed, the Communist countries had an advantage, because the Communist doctrine didn’t let any athlete to be professional. So ‘our’ best athletes weren’t technically pros (they were in the practice) and could compete in the Olympics against real amateurs from other countries.

    • That makes sense about Communism having access to all their best athletes. I guess I just felt sorry for the other basketball teams that worked so hard and had to go into the Games knowing there was at least one team they had no chance of beating and would win the gold medal.


  5. Speaking of basketball and Romania, we had a player in the NBA in the 90’s: Gheorghe ‘Ghita’ Muresan, who was (and still is) a fucking mountain (7 ft 7 in, the tallest in the NBA history along with Manute Bol). He was so tall because of a problem in the pitituary gland. He played for Washington Bullets and New Jersey Nets.

    When he was selected in the draft of 1993 he didn’t know how to speak English, so he took the microphone and said simply: I love this game. And “I love this game” was the NBA motto for several years.

    The guy was and is especially good for funny commercials, both in America…

    and Romania…

    He even did a movie with Billy Cristal called “My Giant”

    • I had never heard of this guy. Wow -he’s a big boy for sure! He seems like a real sweetheart. I love his accent and how he talks. I love Romanian accents speaking English on men and women. It was cool how he gave that woman a low 5 – ha ha. Too bad those Romanian cops didn’t have him with them instead of that battering ram. I don’t like movies as a rule, but that one looks funny with Billy Crystal.

      I guess Raluca would come up to about his knees?

      Thanks for sending these. It opens my world up a little.


  6. Yeah it would be funny to see Raluca next to Muresan :D

    That woman of the Romanian commercial is Anna Lesko, a singer.

    Denisa likes this song

    • These two videos won’t play either. The other one I said wouldn’t play had the red arrow to click, but it wouldn’t do anything when I clicked it. These two are just black screens.

      I said it a long time ago that Google would fuck up YouTube sure as hell, and little by little, that’s what it’s doing. I have a feeling Google also has a hand in WordPress, only no one knows about it yet.

      The ONLY thing Google has ever done well is the search engine. Gmail is a fucking disaster, and YouTube is getting worse every month.


  7. I like the new design by the way :D

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