Florica Leonida to Milo: “Anything you can do, I can do better.”

Cute little Florica is now a prostitute

And Milo’s still saying, “Cannot believe boobs ever get this big!  What happen to me?”

Florica today. Not very appealing, unless you’re into same-old, same-old. (Which a lot of you guys probably are.)

Lavinia Milosovici, Claudia Presecan and Teresa Ungureanu posed nude in . . . 2002, I think it was, and now fellow Romanian gymnast Florica Leonida, according to reports, has become a fucking prostitute in Germany.

The story is on a bunch of websites, including Sport.News.am, and English.Sina.com, whatever the hell those two are.  A reader, evil midget (screen name, I’m almost positive), who I’m pretty sure is Romanian (I sometimes lose track of names and nationalities), sent me a tip on the story, along with this educational note: “Bucharesti doesn’t have a ‘red light district’, the whole city is a brothel”

Which pic do you guys like better? She always had SOMETHING, but I would have been happier if she hadn’t have sold it.

Florica won a Team silver medal at the 2003 World Championships, another Team silver at the 2006 European Championships, a gold on Beam at the 2002 Junior Euros, and several other medals.

This news was broken on a Romanian TV show by Monica Rosu, who is a former teammate of Florica’s.  Some reports indicate that after leaving Romania (for Germany?), Florica worked as a fitness trainer but needed more money, so she became an “escort,” which is a nice way of saying “suck dick for money.”

Nude modeling and now prostitution.  What will the Romanians think of next?

Top 10 Things a Romanian Gymnast Could Do That Would Be Worse than Posing Nude and Being a Prostitute

Florica had an ass that wouldn’t quit, but I have a feeling she’ll end up with a vagina that won’t heal. Too bad. Thank God I know better than all this shit.

10. Paying to watch Valeri Liukin have sex with his daughter.

9. Digging through Marty Karyolyi’s underwear drawer.

8. Spying on Moceanu and Mike having sex until her weight collapses the four-poster bed.

7. Hanging one of Gabby Douglas’ used tampons in a tree and seeing if she can swing over to it from her bedroom window.

6. Imagining A-Suk with no clothes on, walking down the middle of the street and singing “We Are The Champions.”

5. Determining once and for all if Olga Korbut’s former coach, Renald Knysh, can still get it up.

4. Marrying Carly Patterson, whether or not you’re bi.

3. Using a speculum on Mary Lou Retton just to show everybody you know what you’re talking about.

2. Attempting to get Daniela Silivas’ curling iron inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame since they let Dawes and Zmeskal into it.

1. Believing that “Family Guy” characters are based on real gymnastics coaches.


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  1. Those sites don’t mention what her specialities are : Kissing , body ejaculation , oil massage , foot fetish masturbation , (oh , i love the next one :D ) licking balls , affectionate and loving (who the fuck needs love after all that :) ). No mention of Silivas’s curling iron though :( . Here is more : http://www.gsp.ro/sporturi/gimnastica/foto-floarea-leonida-prostituata-in-germania-tatalui-fostei-gimnaste-i-s-a-facut-rau-cind-a-vazut-o-dezbracata-pe-fiica-sa-358321.html

  2. Florica comes from a poor and ‘destructured’ family. Basically her parents and brother live from the money she gets in Germany. And she’s a gypsy, they have a very particular way of doing things.
    What it’s sad is that a former elite gymnast is ‘forced’ to do this because she has literally no money or a decent job. This is not America and we can’t judge these cases from a Western point of view because circunstances here are different. As usual in Eastern Europe, the moral considerations are secondary when you have to survive.

    I must say I find her quite hot now.

    • As I was writing back to “Felicia” a minute ago (have you guys met? She’s from Romania), it’s hard to imagine that Felicia couldn’t get a “regular” job in Germany. But then with what you pointed out about how she’s supporting her family, maybe prostitution is better, because she probably makes more money than in a normal job.

      I feel so sorry for so many former Romanian gymnasts. It can’t be an easy life. Here, at least in Malibu, life is pretty easy compared to the lives a of other people have.

      Thanks for this comment.


  3. I’ve always wanted to ask you. How come you never write something about the Russians? Have you heard the latest news? Aleksandr Aleksandrov is not the head coach anymore, because of Aliya or something…By the way. It is a sad story with Florica. But out of all jobs in the world she choose to be a prostitute??? COME ON

    • I do write about the Russians occasionally. I think my big attraction to the Romanians is, they’re such a small and unlikely country to produce the best gymnasts in the world. There’s no money and few resources. Plus there’s just something so darling and yet powerful about them. I fell in love with Milo, Gina and Simona from watching Atlanta, and I’ve never turned back.

      On the right side of the page here, under CATEGORIES, there’s “Russian gymnastics” with three stories and look through all the names there and you’ll find some more Russians.

      I’m all in favor of prostitution, but I agree that Florica could have easily found some other kind of work to do. And I’m probably the only one, but I don’t find her attractive now. She looks like millions of others with her perfect cosmetics and media-approved body.


  4. I saw this story ‘corroborated’ on the German site blid.de (which was posted a couple days before the Armenian article at sport.news.am, if I remember correctly).

    As you probably know from moderating my comments, I have joked elsewhere on your blog about Florica’s new profession. In all seriousness, though, I am deeply disappointed. Through my eyes, a senior-elite Romanian gymnast is like a princess, a ballerina, and a movie star all in the same body. So for her to go so low, it’s just a shame.

    Interesting side note: In college, I took 1 year of German under 2 female professors, one of whom was Romanian. The Romanian professor once said, closely paraphrased, “Where I come from, learning German is one of the greatest things you can do.” Sad to see what Florica did with that advice.

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