Gymnast butt-shot videos

I don’t fully understand girls’ butts . . .

But here they are, anyway!

Six of the Magnificent 7: Dominique Moceanu, Kerri Strug, Shannon Miller, Jaycie Phelps, Dominique Dawes and Amanda Borden.

Okay, the way all this started was I was scanning youtube for videos about Dominique Moceanu, and I saw a link that said “Moceanu Butt Shot,” so I figured I might as well look at it, since I’m not a lez.

Then I saw some Vanessa Atler butt shot videos and I decided this is probably some kind of a trend.  Then after watching a few, I realized, yeah, it’s a trend, all right, but one that started long before you or I or any of these gymnasts’ butts came along.  It started the instant guys got hormones back in the caveman days.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find nearly as many butt-shot videos as I expected.  I was able find a short clip of the great Lavinia Milosovici doing gymnastics in her underwear during the Japanese photo shoot/video thing she did with Claudia Presecan and Corina Ungrureanu in 2002.  So everybody ought to get a big kick out of that.  Poor Milo! (Here’s that story, for those of you who are more interested in the 2008 U.S. women’s gymnastics team than in gymnastics.)

LITTLE MOCEANU – butt shot 1

LITTLE MOCEANU – butt shot 2

LITTLE MOCEANU – butt shot 3

LITTLE MOCEANU – shaking and wiggling on the floor

VANESSA ATLER – butt shot 1

VANESSA ATLER – butt shot 2



DARIA BIJAK – two-time German national champion



(NOTE: youtube removes Milo underwear videos regularly; if this one is gone, search and you’ll find another.)

Finally, to put out the fire, here’s a video somebody made called “Nastia Liukin Sexy.”  I started laughing before I even watched it, because I knew exactly what it was going to be: A bunch of shots of Nastia that are supposed to be sexy with a typical, nondescript song straight out of Generation Cell Phone playing in the background.

Nastia is about as sexy as a Cocker Spaniel.  I will never understand what guys see in her, other than the fact that the media told them to rage hormones over her and, like all good little tech-addicted morons, they followed orders.  Everybody on that 2008 U.S. team was funny-looking, but Nastia was . . . hell, is “offensive” too strong a word?  You can watch this video and see how violently you disagree with me.



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  1. Her gymnastics has such bad form straddling over the old school vault one leg is no where near horizontal and they just show her boobs bouncing shouldn’t she wear a sports bra?? That’s gotta kinda hurt why bother saluting the judges it’s not even a real vault And a straddle over if it is in the elite code would be difficulty of .5 and the execution score like a 7

  2. While I’m not sure how I surfed and ended up here, but I think it was to see how Miss Moceanu was doing these days, having not heard a peep about her since 1996 (I don’t get out much). But since I did, indeed, end up here, I’ll contribute by adding (possibly) a new word to the gymnast’s collective vocabulary that explains all this whole “guys & b*tts” thing. You all know how the Greeks figured heavily in this “Olympics” thing, right? Well, they even had a word for the condition described in the above videos & pictures: “callipygian.”

    You’re more than welcome,
    jrc in SC (USA)

    PS: A visitor from another planet would see next-to-no difference between the human sexes, so close are we males to the female form. However, it’s the little differences we celebrate, and female gymnasts often have extremely, uhhhh, “pleasant” going-away silhouettes. My wife loves me (or at least seems to), and that makes her–to me–beautiful all over.

    • Callipygian. What does that mean, exactly?

      I hope your wife isn’t mad that you come to this site, since I over-do the sex angle way too often.


      • WORDPLAY: callipygious – having shapely thighs or b*ttocks.

        I think it’s interesting about the Greeks starting the Olympics AND having a word like “callipygious.” My theory is, if you’re one of the cultures who did NOT start the Olympics (that being ALL cultures except the Greeks), then you had no pressing need for such a word. In English, we only have “phrases” for such form. In Greece you can describe this with a single word because (I’m assuming) as soon as women started throwing javelins and doing slow-motion ballet on a balance beam, the men NEEDED such a word, no? So, we borrow their word, though it’s not often used.

        And no, wife doesn’t mind since I’m not a gawker. If I were looking for p*rnography, I could surely find something dirtier than here, eh? The female form is pleasant to men and, I’m assuming, vice-versa. Meant to be noticed but not leered at… nor “test-driven.”

      • You obviously know your . . . is lexicography the right word? I’m glad your wife doesn’t mind you coming here.

        You said: “If I were looking for p*rnography, I could surely find something dirtier than here, eh?” I don’t know – I have written a number of pretty dirty things. Plus there are knockers all over the place (mainly Aurelia Dobre’s). Ha ha.

        Yes, the female GYMNAST form is nice to look at because it’s so well-trained and useful. Beautiful bodies This does not include tanks like Sacramone, however.


  3. Steliana Nister is still a star.and will be for a long time to come.

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